Masaru Shintani
(b1927-2000), Ku-dan (9th Dan)
Head for North America

Masaru Shintani   Sensei Shintani is a direct student of Sensei Ohtsuka. He is the highest ranking 9th degree black belt in Japanese karate in North America. Sensei Shintani has studied karate for over 45 years. He also holds ranks in Judo (3rd degree), Aikido (1st degree), and Kendo (1st degree).

Masaru Shintani\    He was first exposed to karate by a man named Kitagawa while living in a Japanese-Canadian internment camp in British Columbia during the Second World War. In the mid-1950's, while competing in and eventually winning the championship in large All Japan Karate Federation tournaments in Tokyo, Sensei Shintani met and began to train under Sensei Ohtsuka. During the 1970's, Sensei Ohtsuka placed Sensei Shintani in sole charge of the teaching of Wado kai in North America. The Shintani Karate Federation of Wado Kai, centered in his home in Hamilton, Ontartio, is presently one of the largest martial arts organization under a single style in North America. Sensei Shintani has approximately 14,000 students in his organization and has graded over 1200 black belts.