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These are two wonderful volunteers helping the Club.

Susan Kuczkowski
Product / Special Events Co-ordinator
Phone: 905-434-4988 Email: d-sk@grogers.com

Susan is a wonderful volunteer who has amazing organizational skills making our club run efficiently during all our events and endeavors. We are lucky to have her helping us with all the chores that makes our club unique in some senses. Not only she has being a volunteer helper since April 2000 but she has also achieved the rank of 3rd kyu. We are not only thankful for Susan but also for her husband Dan who is a great MC for all our events and who bring the cheerful music to our events. I am so lucky to have them not only as volunteers but also as good friends. Susan and Dan are the parents of two great children that are students in the club. Kathryn who achieved the rank of 2nd Dan and Michael who achieved the rank of 1st Dan.

Theresa Virgin
Communications Officer / Special Events Co-ordinator
Phone: 905-576-9901 Email: theresa.virgin@gmail.com

With her strong character and decisive attitude, Theresa is a great help to our club maintaining clear direction and excellent communications inside and outside of the club. Theresa started her journey with the Oshawa Wado-Kai in September 1995 and not only she got involved in helping the club but she also participated achieving the rank of 1st kyu. I am very proud of having Theresa not only helping the club with the Communications and the Special Events Co-ordinations but also as a friend who always tells me straight what is better for the club. Theresa started with the club when she registered her daughter Jennifer who has achieved the rank of 3rd Dan.