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Jennifer Virgin, 1st Dan

You know you’ve been in KARATE too long when…

  1. you answer ohsh not yes outside of class
  2. you bow in for English class when late
  3. you cross arms to take deep breath
  4. you can’t think of any other topic of conversation
  5. you only refer to Sensei as such even outside of class
  6. you get the urge to bow instead of shake hands
  7. you hurt someone you turn away and go into matso
  8. you call jumping jacks stride jumps
  9. you never knew what girl pushups until reaching high school, and then you don’t understand what people are doing
  10. you have unexplainable bruises
  11. you have no expressed visual fear when getting into a bad situation
  12. you no longer care about pain
  13. you find yourself standing in natural stance for no reason
  14. you have fists clenched for no reason
  15. you are scared, you automatically go into sparing stances
  16. you react to someone coming at you (most likely a friend) and mistakenly do a takedown, and realize afterward that you made a mistake
  17. you count in Japanese instead of English
  18. you hear someone say “and up!” you have the urge to stand in a line in order of rank
  19. you consider school to be school, and karate is “CLASS” which is where you actually learn something
  20. you consider it a good class if you got beat up
  21. you find enjoyment in a good ass kicking, whether you are doing the kicking getting kicked
  22. you have a tendency to tell people to hustle, double time, or move it move it!
  23. You know if your son/daughter has been in karate too long when…you refer to them as Sensei

By: Jennifer Virgin
March 3, 2006

Samantha Vinson, 4th Kyu (Orange Belt)

My name is Samantha and I am 10 years old. I have been taking karate for just over a year. I started with Sensei Dave and Sensei Carlos at Mary Street Community School. Now I am taking karate at the Y.W.C.A. with Sensei Steve. I have achieved the rank of orange belt.
The first thing we do in class is line up to greet our Sensei. The next thing we do is warm up our muscles for about 30 minutes. I am much more flexible now, that when I first started karate. After we warm up we get into the real karate moves. We practice our kicks and punches and combinations of both. We also practice our katas. A kata is a sequence of moves done in a set pattern. I absolutely love doing katas. I feel like I've accomplished something exciting when I learn a new kata. We also do some sparring in class. The Japanese term for sparring is kumite. I hope to improve my sparring techniques in the coming year.
In December of 1998 I entered the karate tournament held at the Y.W.C.A. I thought it would br fun and that it would give me some experience for other tournaments I might enter. I had only been taking karate for 3 months and I was nervous and excited at the same time. I did the best I could and was very proud to win a second place medal for the kata I performed.
Karate has given me self-confidence. It has made me feel a lot better about myself physically, mentally and emotionally. I know that I will be able to protect myself if I am ever in a bad situation. I plan to work hard and get to the black belt level. I think karate is fantastic!
By: Samantha Vinson
November 1999

Lyndsi Waddell, 4th Kyu (Orange Belt)

I first joined karate because my friend, Michelle was signing up. When she told me about it, I thought it sounded cool. It's something that I had never even thought of doing in the past. Since I've joined, I've learned that karate is much more than just cool. I have learned so much from my classes, and all of the new people that I have met there. My Senseis have all been great role models and I really look up to and respect them. It took a friend to get me started, but that friend has moved on, and I still look forward to going to karate more than ever. It's a great form of exercise and helps me to stay in shape. I've never been very shy, but I think it has helped me to be more self-confident. I really like being mixed in with the higher coloured belts because there is so much that can be learned from them. Everyone in my class is very friendly and are very willing to work with other people and help them learn new things. I enjoy watching them spar and seeing their techniques. My favourite exercise is when we spar because it keeps me on my toes and I love the challenge of the unexpected. There are times when I lose, but if I've learned from my mistakes, then someday I will be a winner. I also enjoy do my pinan nidan and katas. I absolutely love to participate in tournaments, although I've only been in 2. I didn't win anything, but it was exciting to see everyone competing against each other. The most exciting time for me is when I go for my ranking and try to successfully earn my next belt. I also become extremely nervous at this time and I sometimes feel that it has an effect on my ability to spar because I'm so tense. My greatest achievement of all and a long-term goal is to become a black belt and someday be a Sensei teaching karate to other children like myself.
By: Lyndsi Waddell
November 1999

Nicole Panethere, 5th Kyu (Yellow Belt)

One of my favourite sports is karate. My sensei is Sensei Steve, I am a yellow belt and I will hopefully be an orange belt soon. Someday I hope to be a tenth degree black belt. U started karate in September 1998. I like to spar and do katas. My very first sensei was Sensei Carlos. He ranked me to my yellow belt. I have gone in one tournament and I placed 4th in my kata. I did not enter the kumite. In class we do punches, kicks, blocks, sparring and we do katas. I like doing katas best. I know all 8 of my ke-hong katas and my pinan kata which is Pinan Nidan. I am starting to remember some of the names in Japanese {kicks, punches, blocks, etc.} I can brake boards with a hammer strike but I can't break them with my kicks yet. We do lots of exercises in the class. Sometimes in the summer session we go outside because it gets really hot in the gym. I take karate at the YWCA. Karate keeps me in great shape. I have made a few new friends at karate. Two of them have the same first name as me and one of them has the same name as my sister. My best friend from school {Samantha Vison} is also in the class with me. She is an orange belt. Karate takes a lot concentration but it all pays off in the end. I think karate teaches you a lot of new things and it is a great sport. I really love karate!!
By: Nicole Panethere Age 9
November 1999

Natalie Garcia, 2nd Kyu (Blue Belt)

Event : Toronto Wado-Kai Tournament
Date : Saturday, November 27, 1999
Date : Saturday, February 26, 2000
Location : Thornhill Community Centre - Toronto, Ontario

CONGRATULATIONS!! achieving twice in a row 1st Place in KUMITE in the Women Division.
Registered with the Oshawa Wado-Kai in January 13, 1992
Achieved the rank of 2nd Kyu (Blue Belt) in February 9, 2000

Natalie Garcia
March 4, 2000

James Mercer, 5th Kyu (Yellow Belt)

Event : Toronto Wado-Kai Tournament
Date : Saturday, April 25, 1998
Location : Thornhill Community Centre - Toronto, Ontario

I like going to tournaments because I get to meet other kids. I like watching the black belts do their Kata and Kumite.
I'm having alot of fun..
Registered with the Oshawa Wado-Kai in September 9, 1997
Achieved the rank of 5th Kyu (Yellow Belt) in April 28, 1998

James Mercer
May 1998

Paul E. Bruce, 3rd Kyu (Green Belt)

Event : Open Martial Arts Tournament
Date : Saturday, February 21, 1998
Location : Centenial Secondary School - Beleville, Ontario

- My first tournament experience.
- Sparred with men's orange and green belts, against opponents from Tai Kwon Do, Jiu Jitsu, and Karate Clubs.
- Earned the gold medal after succeeding through four matches in a single elimination - style competition.

Overall Impression
- Very well organized for a register-as-you-come tournament, considering there was about 150-200 competitors in total.
- Excited about winning in my first tournament.
- Looking forward to future competitions.
Registered with the Oshawa Wado-Kai in September 15, 1996
Achieved the rank of 3rd Kyu (Green Belt) in October 1, 1997

Paul E. Bruce
March 1998